Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

As guys start to learn the best way to pick up girls then they normally have a decent list of things of what to do on a first date, but what happens after you start to get serious with a girl you have been seeing for a couple of months.  You can’t just use your same ideas over and over again, but have to come up with something new and exciting to try.  If you have hit a road block on what to do with your girl, take a look at some of our favorites. New Restaurants When I’m with my guy friends we like going to the same places to eat, it’s like a routine.  However, you don’t... 

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How to Pick up Strippers

Who doesn’t want to try and pick up girls at the strip club?  Most of the time these women are very attractive with great bodies.  If you are heading out to see some girls dance without their clothes on then use these tips to increase your chances of number closing one of these beautiful women. Don’t Buy a Private Dance If you buy a lap dance you are instantly entered into a business transaction with the girl and you are just another sad bum who only wants her for her body.  You, of course, understand that she is more deep and complex and has far more to offer a man than just her... 

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How to Pick Up Waitresses

A lot of guys think that it is too tough to pick up waitresses.  While I agree that it can be a little more difficult than picking up the average girl, it can be done if you have the right skills.  Take a look at our guide to see different tips and tricks that can be used to number close your waitress. Attitude The first thing that you have to know about waitresses is that they are going to pretend to be nice and into you in order to get larger tips so don’t be fooled by her games and think that she is attracted to you.  You also have to realize that an attractive waitress is going to... 

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How to Approach a Group of Girls

It can be somewhat scary for a guy to approach a pack of women in the hopes of picking one of them up.  The girls seem to grow stronger when they are in groups and girlfriends seem to do a great job of protecting each other from the lame guys who try to hit on them all night.  This way all of the girls can have fun instead of having to give out fake digits and making up boyfriend stories in order to try and get guys to leave them alone. Even if you aren’t lame and actually have some game you have to be careful.  Friends will do quite a bit to disqualify you in front of your target, unless... 

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How to Pick Up Girls at the Gym

I don’t really go to the gym to pick up girls, but rather to work out.  If you want to pick up girls on a regular basis then it’s important to have a somewhat fit body.  While you can have success without it, why not make things easier on yourself by trying to look your best? With that being said, there are times when you are at the gym and you see a girl that you think you might be interested in.  How do you approach these women?  Well here are some of the things that I try to do. Don’t Stare Maybe this is obvious, or maybe it’s completely counter-intuitive but you... 

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The Best Places to Meet Girls

Personally, I think you have a chance to meet a really solid girl anywhere you go, but some people aren’t used to looking for every opportunity that comes their way.  The girl of your dreams could be right before your eyes, but if you aren’t in the mindset to pick her up then you probably will let her pass by.  If you have to go looking for girls, then here is a list of some of the best places I feel like there is to meet women, organized from best to worst. House Parties This is my all-time favorite.  You go to someone’s house you know, or go with a friend who knows quite... 

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    How to Pick Up Girls At a Bar

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    The bar just might be the easiest place to find girls but it by no means is the easiest place to pick them up.  Lucky for you there won’t be all that much competition as most of the guys there don’t have any game at all.  If you use our tips for approaching girls in the bar then you’ll stand a great chance of finding a girl each night that you go out. Quantity over Quality There are a lot of factors going against you at the bar, from the noise, other guys, and the girl’s friends stealing her time.  You just have to remember that not every approach is going to end in success. ... 

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    Should You Buy Girls Drinks at the Bar

    Some guys think that all they have to do is offer to buy a girl to drink at the bar and they are on their way to winning a special place in her heart.  While sometimes a girl may allow you to purchase her alcohol because she’s genuinely interested, other times the girl is just using you and your wallet to get what she wants for free.  The decision you make on whether to offer a girl a free drink depends on several factors. The first thing to consider is that who made the offer.  If a girl asks you to buy her a drink, that’s normally not a good sign, especially if you haven’t... 

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    How to Pick Up Girls in Class

    I think one of the easiest times to pick up girls is when you are going to school with them.  It is natural to approach girls in class and since you have something in common it is an easy way to strike up a conversation.  Contrast this with a club atmosphere where you have to face the awkwardness of approaching a complete stranger you know nothing about.  In class you can at least say, “Hey, I missed yesterday’s class.  Do you think I can steal your notes?” With girls that you go to school with pick up works in much the same way as it normally does, except that it is going... 

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    What To Do on a First Date

    First dates can be excruciating.  If you are really into the girl then you are probably nervous, trying to think of things to say but are finding it more and more difficult to generate conversation as seconds of silence roll by.  Don’t fall into this awkward situation, but make sure that first date is a memorable one by following our advice. The problem with most guys is that they choose to do something standard (boring) on their first date.  Who hasn’t taken a girl to a movie, went to a cafe, or went out to eat at a restaurant?  This is what most guys do, and since this is the... 

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